RFI Council Announcements

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RFI Council Announcements

Postby Candy » 25 Feb 2009, 21:43

Following the first RFI Council meeting, the following general announcements are made:

1. Going forwards, the separate Guild, Kinships, Clans etc making up RFI will be referred to as Chapters.

2. All members are reminded that they are subject to the Code of Conduct here as well as to any specific rules or code for the games in which they participate.

3. A new forum (Other Games) has been created for the discussion of, er, other games. This forum is also the place to discuss the potential expansion of RFI through the addition of more Chapters.

4. Guild Wars helper events will be organised and we would ask anyone with a GW account and some spare time to help the members tyhere to clear some of the stuff they can't solo. Watch for details...

5. Amazingly some people think our super-fantastic grey and blue web site looks a bit dull. Some have even gone so far as to say ugly. :o Anyone wishing to make use of their graphics talent to help us prettify the site is asked to contact any member of the leadership team.


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