The Future of RFI.

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The Future of RFI.

Postby Candy » 27 Aug 2013, 17:11

Following the events of the last few days, I don't really recognise the attitudes I have seen here and am, frankly, very upset by the type of exchanges that took place in my absence. Additionally, the GW chapter has effectively closed and the nascent FF chapter was still-born.

My co-founder is so disgusted that she has resigned, intending never to return. Many long-standing members have also variously left, not all of whom have posted a message to that effect. Several former members intending to return have decided not to do so. Distressingly, I count many of these same people as my friends and it saddens me deeply that I have been in part responsible for this.

Without Devvy, RFI is no longer the kind of project I wish to be involved with in the same way as it was before.

RFI was a glorious experiment to create a self-sustaining, democratic gaming community in a world full of autocrats, cliques and nepotism. For seven years, we struggled onwards with many highs and lows along the way. Ultimately, the experiment ended in failure. But seven years is one heck of a long time in this context.

I have decided, unilaterally, to make the following changes:

  1. All Chapters other than LotRO are closed, effective immediately.
  2. RFI is henceforth purely a LotRO kinship.
  3. All accounts belonging to non-LotRO members will have their access limited at the end of September.
  4. This website will be either be remodelled or replaced with a new site reflecting this change unless, of course, the LotRO Kinship also disintegrates.

The grace period for non-LotRO accounts is to allow all former members to recover copies of any messages, guides or pictures that they wish to keep. If you are leaving, you do not need to ask for your account to be deleted. This is done as part of an automated process triggered by inactivity.

If these changes are not acceptable to the LotRO people, I will assist them with any transition that needs to be made to a new website/forum, clean the tables, stack the chairs neatly and turn off the lights.

Finally, let me say that over the years, I (and others) have made many friends throughout the world through RFI. To the best of my knowledge, we have also seen two weddings that resulted partly from participation in this community. If nothing else, you can all be proud of your part in making that happen.


RFI Founder

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