Rift Return

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Rift Return

Postby bloodbathrich » 09 Mar 2012, 09:57

Hi there,

I was a member of RFI in rift last year, at some point life went and turned upside down on me and i kinda lost house, internet and a few other things. i was wondering if RFI is still going on in Rift as i had many fond memories of it and if so could i please get an invite again. Will gladly go through the process again of applying.

Vitoria is my Pyro mage lvl 44 on Blightweild server :)

Hope everyone is doing good

kind regards

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Re: Rift Return

Postby Bellian » 09 Mar 2012, 11:11


I am pretty sure that RFI in Rift is no longer going. Foxie I think was last leader but he is now active in SWTOR. I could be wrong though.


Re: Rift Return

Postby bloodbathrich » 09 Mar 2012, 17:54

ah thats a shame though i did have a feeling SWOR would take a few people away from Rift. Not to worry though thanks for the reply and good luck to all of ya :)

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