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Guild Wars 2 - Guild info

Postby Penniegrim » 19 Feb 2013, 20:55


Below you can read some information about us as a guild and a link to our CoC.
If you feel that we are the right guild for you post an application message in the other GW2 thread in the same forum where you found this post. And don't forget to drop Penniegrim or Whitetail (forum name Skye) a mail in GW2. :)


We aim for fun! - to achieve this we have created a family-friendly and mature climate with the respect for our guildies and fellow players alike. Where a helpful and honest game-play brings us closer as a guild.

There is always Room For Improvement!
RFI has been around since the days of GW1 Beta and we have had a presence in many games since then. Currently we have two active chapters, in LotRO and GW2. The LotRO chapter has been around since day one, that's almost 6 years.
We in GW2 aim to be just as long lived. We are a democratic guild who elects our leaders and officers, and when a position opens up people can nominate whoever they feel would do a good job.

Who are we looking for?
Friendly and helpful people who likes to have fun playing the game, likes to complete events like dungeons, fractals and WvW and also knows how to have a nice family orientated conversation (we do not allow swearing even though we are a mature guild as some of our members have children that may hear/see the conversations).
A sense of humour is important and so is the respect for fellow players whether they be guildies or not.
Age wise we are looking for players 18+ (even at 20 you would bring down the average age by mil.. yards)

What kind of guild are we?
Some of us currently in the guild have been playing together for a long time in various games while a few have joined up in GW2. Our Guild Wars 2 chapter is a small guild atm and we have around 10 active players and although we don't aspire to be the biggest guild around we would like more active members. There is so much more you can do with just a few more :) We are very much a laid back guild who like to have a laugh and help each other out when needs arise.
PvE takes the bigger part of our time in the game, although a few of us can be seen in WvW quite often but as a guild we don't have the numbers, yet. We like to take part in all aspects of the game may it be leveling alts, dungeons JP's or WvW. We do a lot of dungeon runs but atm we do not have a regular schedule. We have been slacking on the fractals due to technical issues with some of our players but we are picking this up soon.

Special Mentions:

Respect is the word
From our C&C:
"Respect for others must be maintained in regards to both real life and in game environments; race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, nationality, economic status, political affiliation or other diverse traits" This is important for us. A positive game play builds on respect and understanding, there can be many reasons people behave as they do in game and there is never a real reason to treat them bad.
Think before you speak or write, some of this goes hand in hand with that been said above. Please refrain from bad language in both written and verbal chats.

Real Life always comes first
Family, friends, work etc. Real Life is all important and it should go without saying that whenever it calls on you, you should answer.

Link to Our Cone of Conduct



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