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About RFI

Postby Candy » 09 Jun 2009, 12:30

Why "Room For Improvement"?
Because no matter how experienced you are, there's always something more you can learn. And no matter how new you are to MMO games, there's always something you can teach someone else. RFI is founded on the idea that members can and will help each other to develop both in- and out- of game.

RFI is run democratically.

It is run for the members by the members. No one here is set above anyone else and no contributions will buy you any automatic benefits or status. We value all our members equally.

All members are expected to contribute to RFI in some way. This could be as little as posting the odd message on the forums or simply saying "Hi" on the chat in-game.

Those serving as Leader or Officers are expected to do just that: serve the membership. They will manage admission, run the forums, recruit actively in- and out- of the game, resolve disputes and arrange events and competitions.

RFI primarily supports PvE play. PvE stands for Players versus the Environment and is a term used for playing the missions, exploring the world and seeking for treasure. As such, we will strive to provide help for players going through these challenges. This help will take many forms including teaming up to help players through difficult missions, advising on builds & skills and running events and competitions. Even though it's not our core interest, regular Player versus Player or Monster Play sessions are be arranged for those interested in PvP play.

New Members
Anyone can apply for membership of RFI. Potential members should post a message in the forum and create an account. In most cases, acceptance will be pretty much automatic but all memberships will be provisional for the first 4 weeks and may be revoked by an Officer at any time. After one month, members will only be ejected as detailed below. Members are, of course, free to leave at any time.

Ejection from the Kinship.

It is hoped that it will never be necessary to kick someone from RFI. Should it become so, members can raise matters for consideration by the Officers and they will decide whether to remove a player from the kinship. This decision must be unanimous. The only reason that this is not to be put to a vote before the membership is that time may be of the essence to prevent damage to the kinship’s reputation. For minor transgressions, the penalty may be the demotion within the kin and/or a temporary ban on use of the forums.
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