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Code of Conduct

Postby Candy » 14 Jul 2009, 12:20

These are the rules we live and play by in RFI. All members are expected to follow these guidelines.

1. The 1st rule of RFI is to HAVE FUN…

2. The 2nd rule of RFI is to HAVE FUN…

These first two rules can be achieved by adhering to the following rules:

3. RFI is a place for players with a mature outlook
It must be recognised that whilst most of us are adults, some of us do have impressionable children around. As a result, all chat in all channels (whether voice or text) is to be in English (the only language we all share) and must be kept clean. No swearing. Please.

4. RFI Is Honest
Members are expected to play fair, be true to their word and honour their promises. There is no room here for Scammers or Cheats.

5. Respect For Other Players
RFI members must conduct themselves in an honourable manner and uphold our values and principles. Members must also comply with the EULA of any games in which they participate. Conduct/chat which generates complaints against individual members or RFI itself is not acceptable. Any such complaints will be cause for a polite reminder of what conduct is and is not appropriate for RFI members. Persistent breaches will result in a membership review. RFI has no place for conduct/chat that may cause others offence. Suffice it to say that behaviours such as obscene language, “griefing”, “flaming”, scamming, etc. are not tolerated. Remember some of our members may be young people.

Respect for others must be maintained in regards to both real life and in game environments; race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, nationality, economic status, political affiliation or other diverse traits. Any breach of these principles will be cause for a polite reminder followed by membership review if further unacceptable behaviour continues.

6. Helping Others When Possible
RFI members are expected support others and also to receive help themselves. This is one of the fundamental reasons for joining a group like RFI. Give and you shall also receive as they say.

Our members are generous and helpful people who are not to be taken advantage of. If you want to receive help from RFI, then give help to others. If someone does not hurry to help you, please understand that they may have limited time or may be engaged in other efforts. The best way to get the help you need is to plan ahead and post here on the forum. This forum is the meeting place for us all, take advantage of it.

7. Grouping Etiquette
If you are leading or joining a group in-game, it is recommended that you clarify the looting rules at the beginning. Clearing up these matters BEFORE they become a problem will avoid a lot of bother later. If a consensus cannot be reached it may be best to join another group.

Please think about what you are looting, and please think about the needs of other RFI members. Where possible, we will operate an in-game bank and storage for money, spells and equipment etc so please think of how you can help others rather than just your own purse.

In terms of tactical play, it is best not to loot if a player is still under attack. If another player in the fellowship announces “AFK” or “BRB”, the best thing to do is to await their return (if possible) and to provide protection for their character.

8. Disputes
Disputes with any other player should, in the first instance, be handled privately between the parties involved. If no resolution can be found then please bring the dispute to the attention of an officer. Arguments, name calling, and disruptive behaviour in kinship chat are not acceptable conduct between members and will not be tolerated. Officers will endeavour to resolve disputes fairly and without bias, hopefully to the satisfaction of all concerned.

If you become involved in a dispute with someone from outside, please feel free to bring this to the attention of an Officer. We have a proven history of mediating these types disputes.

9. Inactivity and Removal from RFI In-Game

Any character which has not been logged in for a period of 40 days or more will be removed from the Guild/Kinship. If you return to the game, you can request re-admission.

Any Officer not logging on for 20 days will lose their officer status.

In either case, you can inform the Kinship of foreseen absences longer than the limits given above and we will keep your seat warm.

Specific Rules for each Game

In addition, there may further rules for individual games and all members participating in that game are expected to follow ALL rules laid down for it.


This is not an exhaustive list, as we have the ever-changing EULAs to comply with as well. However, for new members joining RFI, this should help them understand what is expected of Members. We are open to any additional comments to this information and changes may occur as RFI and our supported games develop over time.
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